Eastport Gallery’s Artist to Artist video series continues with a more indepth interview with member artist and one of the original founders of Eastport Gallery, Elizabeth Ostrander. In Part II Elizabeth tells us more about her life, becoming an artist and some of the events and influences that have inspired her work over the years. 

“Dancing with Beauty” by Elizabeth Ostrander

“I have been drawn to Elizabeth’s work since I saw it when I first visited Eastport and the Gallery back in 1998,” writes series creator Jude Kempe, a filmmaker, artist and past Eastport Gallery President, who credits Ostrander as a motivation to get back into video production, and to create the series. “Over the past few years getting to know Elizabeth and having the opportunity to learn more about her and her art was one of the main reasons that inspired and compelled me back into making videos again and to start this series.

“One of my main questions as an artist to myself and other artists is ‘where does our art come from?,‘” continues Kempe. “Part of it for me comes from our history, our life stories that shape who we are and give context to our lives. This feels particularly important to me as an artist because much of the time for me making art can feel like putting together a puzzle that doesn’t have the photo of what it should look like when you are done… It’s only when you get enough of the pieces put together that you can look at it and say…‘oh now I think I can see it.’
“With the second part of my interview with Elizabeth, I am grateful that she has been so willing to share more of the story of her life and how she and her art have grown, evolved and unfolded and we get to learn more about her and where many of her inspirations come from.”

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