This month’s Draw-a-Thon—offered Saturday, March 27 at 7:30 pm— will feature an opportunity for community members to hear the new album, ‘Welcome to Camtschaticus’ by Oh Boy Thanks, a sibling trio including Downeaster Rafi Hopkins and his brother and sister, Jesse and Anastasia Galkowski. As finale of the Draw-a-Thon, the sibling trio, while posing for drawings, will tell some back story of the tunes on the album, a mesmerizing blend of analog and digital, danceable, thought-provoking and utterly fresh.

In addition, the event will feature Duane Ingalls and Clifton Moser as improv music duo Fog Cart, doing some performative modeling. Opening the evening’s activities will be short gesture poses with Draw-a-Thon host Anne Shields Hopkins. 

Improv duo Fog Cart (Duane Ingalls and Clifton Moser) will perform as the second segment of the March Draw-a-Thon.

Draw-a-Thon, a virtual program which evolved from Eastport Arts Center’s in person life drawing workshop, is offered on the last Saturday of each month, from 7:30-9:30. All are welcome to participate in the “pay if you are able event”, which uses the Zoom platform to create an evening both festive and intimate. Each month, the Draw-a-Thon creates a space for artists to draw models and performers in real time, and begins with a series of short ‘gesture’ poses for the artists to warm up.

Anne noted that participants needn’t be artists, and that all community members are welcome to come and engage with the event, whether to try their hand at drawing, or to sit and work on a craft or other task in company.
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Read about past Draw-a-Thons here.

Please note: Anne provides creative empowerment programming for every budget. Feel free to attend for free, however as you are able to please consider becoming a patron of Anne’s and/or making a donation to Eastport Arts Center. More information may be found at