The latest from EAC Video’s ‘Get to Know Us’ series is Kara McCrimmon, who plays euphonium in the Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra. In the video, Kara looks back at her musical beginnings—euphonium since the 5th grade!—and talks about the many other instruments she’s added along the way. In addition, Kara performs a version of “Danny Boy” which shares musical phrases between four of her instruments: Irish whistle, piano accordion, guitar and, of course, the euphonium. “It has a high A!” she sang, while tuning the euphonium, or ‘tenor tuba’ for the shoot.

Kara McCrimmon uses a cell phone to tune her euphonium.

“I first encountered the traditional tune ‘Danny Boy’ in high school, in an arrangement by composer Percy Grainger called ‘Irish Tune from County Derry,’ noted Kara. “The euphonium was featured in that piece, and the song has lived in my fingers, on whatever instrument, ever since.”

Read more about some of Kara’s musical projects here: traditional trio O’McCrelli (with John Viselli and Jim O’Neil) and folk duo Pink Capos (with Penny Guisinger); and about Kara as the Downeast Bagpiper.

The footage in this piece was shot earlier this week in Trescott, Maine (with a special guest appearance by Barley, one of Kara’s three dogs); camera and editing by EAC Video’s Lauren Koss. 

In addition to a euphonium player with PBSO, Kara is the ‘Downeast Bagpiper.’

A constituent member of Eastport Arts Center, Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra provides a place for musicians to come together to meet other musicians and to improve their skills. Bringing classical music to Washington County and New Brunswick, the orchestra is conducted by Trond Saeverud and Assistant Conductor Greg Biss. Concerts are presented by suggested donation, with children admitted free of charge and no one turned away for lack of funds. For more information about the PBSO, please visit their page here.