Did you notice the homemade Earth shirt KinderArts video instructor Nia Aretakis was wearing in this month’s Craft-along video, ‘Make Your Own Rainstick’? Nia shared some images and thoughts about her process of making the shirt for the shoot. As as an artist, she has long enjoyed experimenting in many different media, and has recently been enjoying moving into wearable art.
“I’ve always wanted to make my own clothes, so pattern drafting, cutting and sewing has been fun to learn,” noted Nia. “I had some fabric I’d been wanting to use, and instead of making a plain tank top I wanted to add some kind of design. When I looked at the colors I was using (brown, blue, green) it just made sense to make an Earth shirt!”

Nia Aretakis wears her handmade, Earth-embellished shirt in EAC’s April Craft-along video, ‘Make Your Own Rainstick.’

Nia, who graduated from Washington Academy last June (having received EAC’s fine arts award at graduation), had to postpone her first year of college study at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design when US/Canada borders were closed by Covid-19. She reports that she will begin her studies—whether online or in person—this fall. In the meanwhile, the Craft-along video series has been a boon to the EAC Community and an arena for Nia to explore some of her academic—and artistic—goals.

… and just for fun, here’s a ‘Remember When?’ shot of Nia performing opposite Kieran Weston in a political spoof sketch at the 2016 Moose Island Follies. Photo by Robin Farrin.