Lora Whelan is this week’s featured artist as the Eastport Gallery continues to celebrate spring with festive windows at 109 Water Street and a virtual Spring Show at: https://www.eastportgallery.com.
Using paint, pastel and mixed media, Lora Whelan explores human perception and experience through her artworks. “I am self-taught, and find the process as rewarding as the finished artwork.” She adds, “Quite often the materials I’m working with will show me something about the subject I’m exploring in unexpected and exciting ways.” 

“At Hope Springs” by Lora Whelan. Acrylic, oil stick on canvas, 20 x 28″.

Lora’s notes about “At Hope Springs” (above): “I was filled with joy when I learned of my first COVID-19 vaccination appointment. It was a profound relief to know that family and friends were safer against the terrible toll of the virus and healthcare and other essential workers one step closer to being relieved of the unbelievable burden that has been placed on them. Tempering my joy is the knowledge of so many losses, of the people around the world who are suffering and waiting for relief and for the virus mutations that will stress the future safety of us all.”

​Whelan lives year-round in Eastport, Maine, with her husband and two cats. She works as assistant editor and publisher of the Washington County, Maine, newspaper, The Quoddy Tides. For more information about Lora and her work, please visit:  https://www.eastportgallery.com/lora-whelan

Lora’s paintings are part of the Gallery’s online Spring Show at:  https://www.eastportgallery.com/virtual-gallery