With many voices raised—via digital means—in a rousing Spring-coming chorus, Quoddy Voices’ latest, director John Newell’s composition “Rushing River,” has been released for all to enjoy. Newell, who is leading the chorus in their second virtual session, was inspired by the Dennys River near his home. “It’s different every day!” noted John, who enjoys morning walks by the river with wife Linda and their dog, Daisy. “I took video clips on one particularly dramatic day; these are what you’ll see accompanying the singers.”

As with their virtual choir offerings, “Turn! Turn! Turn!”, “Dona Nobis Pacem” and “Ave Verum Corpus”, each singer recorded their own part, led by a video conductor track. The parts were mixed and paired with the video by Newell.
Quoddy Voices members who’ve met online during the Spring 2021 season include: Carolee Bier, Manuela Brice, Thomas Chung, Linda Courtney, Sarah Darulis, Ray Fluke, Barbara Fox, Elizabeth Gamble, Jennifer Gillies, Kayla Heckart, Jnana Hodson, Bill Johnson, Steve Koenig, Anne McGhie, Bill Mullins, Madeline Murphy, Barbara Smith, Melissa Stanley, Mark Tappan, Stacey Voigt, Margaret Whalen and Rosalie Woodward.

John Newell conducts “Rushing River” in a virtual choir guide track video to be used by singers to record their parts, in accurate time, from home.

Additional information—and ‘behind the music’ videos—for Quoddy Voices virtual chorus efforts may be found here: https://eastportartscenter.org/2021/03/quoddy-voices-director-chats-with-eac-video-about-virtual-choir-project/,

and on the choir’s page: https://eastportartscenter.org/constituent-groups/quoddy-voices/.

The Quoddy Voices YouTube Channel may be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoJTDFvAGGan40fnM7hmj2GOe4Jg5lRS8.