This week’s featured Eastport Gallery artist is longtime member Marlys
Farn-Guillette. Says Marlys, “The primary motivation for me as an artist is
the creative process itself. I just like making something, anything, and I
have been trying to make something for years. My muse over the years has
been Nature: primarily the ever-changing moods, colors and power of nature
presented through the visuals of skies, from the prairies to the Maine coastline.”

Marlys is known for her exquisite raku pottery.  “Since seeing an article in
National Geographic regarding the discovery of sunken cargo at the bottom of
the China Sea which showed numerous examples of fine pottery, still intact
but covered with barnacles and sea creatures, I have been enthralled with
altering clay vessels and raku firing them to capture in a few weeks this
same phenomenon that took nature hundreds of years to create.”

Marlys’ work can be found in the Spring member show, online through June 5
at The gallery will open for the season at 109 Water Street on June 5. 

“Tidal Pool Bowl,” Raku pottery