“Wander Lust”, a solo show by photographer Susan Moore, opens Sunday, June 20, at Eastport Gallery. A ‘Meet the Artist’ event will be offered all that day, at which Susan will welcome questions about her work. Her show will be on display through July 3. June Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm.  

Susan learned photography from her father, who taught her “to always have my camera, as well as a fishing pole with me, as I imagine he wanted me to be able to fill my soul as well as my belly. He taught me everything he knew until he passed when I was fourteen. Broken-hearted, I used photography to bridge the divide that now separated us.

“Once digital began and film was ‘the old way,'” wrote Susan, “the transition felt both exhilarating and treasonous. Exhilarating because gratification was instantaneous and the boundaries were no longer. Treasonous because my Dah would have said, ‘It’s cheating, too easy, every image is precious and deleting with a click is like abandoning a child.’ I had a wonderful yet cantankerous mentor that stepped in to channel my artistic energy, even to this day. He blesses me, but my soul still searches through my work for my Dah’s approval. I was taught all genres, to be able to shoot each effectively before moving on to the next. To delve, seek the depth, unlock the core of my subject … that is my perspective.”

For more information about Susan, or to view the Annual Community Show, continuing online through July 17, please visit:  www.eastportgallery.com.