Eastport Arts Center is delighted to welcome new intern Lauren Elwood, a recent graduate of Oberlin College with a BA in Theater and Dance. Elwood hails from from Bangor, Maine, and over the years spent multiple summers on the Maine coast working at summer stock theater. She acts, dances, directs, choreographs and writes; down the road she wants to focus and train in physical theater, though she will always be interested in playing a role with arts management teams.

Lauren Elwood, often called ‘L.’ or ‘Elwood,’ is pleased to join the EAC team.

“L. has been a thoughtful and playful co-teacher,” noted EAC’s Mark Macey, who collaborated with Elwood during the Center’s Summer Arts Camp. “As a fellow theater performer, I’m excited about the expertise she brings to the community. I hope her time here will provide her with insights she can use in her budding career.
Following their success with theater-oriented activities for arts campers, Macey and Elwood began a new collaboration this past week: co-teaching the Center’s Children’s Theater Workshop.
“When I found out I was going to intern here at the Arts Center I was beyond ecstatic to join the team and aid the community,” wrote Elwood. “Now that I’m finally here my feelings have only multiplied!”
More information about Children’s Theater Workshop, plus a video of Mark and Elwood in action, may be found here: https://eastportartscenter.org/2021/07/childrens-theater-summer-session-to-begin-7-14/.

Mark Macey (far left) and Lauren Elwood (third from right) engage Summer Arts Campers in energetic warmups.