Seen first on the EAC stage in 2017, Roochie Toochie & the Ragtime Shepherd Kings gave a joyride of a performance for the Eastport community with their trademark old-timey pizzazz—glib and deft vocals, stunning musicality, sound effects, and vintage quirks galore. A video featuring clips from this show may be viewed below. Calendars should be marked brightly, for the group will return to EAC for a show on September 4, as part of their “Maine Songs” Tour, which gives a musical tour of Maine’s first century.

“The early 20th century was also the first major period of music publishing in the United States,” notes the band’s site. “Maine has a rich history as both the subject of these songs and as a minor hotbed for entrepreneurs in the commercial music business. Drawing on a range of archival collections, Roochie Toochie will perform selections of songs written in or about Maine, bringing the state’s melodious past to life. In illuminating the state’s diverse musical past, the Roochies hope to encourage current and future artistic chroniclers to imagine the state with curiosity, enthusiasm, and pride.”
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