Eastport Gallery member artist Jude Kempe’s show “Return Journey” opened at Eastport Gallery on Sunday, August 1, and will run through August 21.  This multimedia installation includes photographs, paintings, drawings and video.  

“Mabel” by Jude Kempe

Jude talks about her inspiration for this show: “Three years ago, after my stepmother died and I returned home to Bermuda for her funeral, I started thinking about putting together a group of photos that I had taken and manipulated while I was there. Her death had marked the end of any parental ties to my past on my tiny island home. I realized after her death that she was the last person from her era who could answer directly ‘Who was that person was in the photograph?’ and ‘Who took it?’. Both my father and mother had been gone for more than 15 years, so from that moment on only my two half brothers and myself would be the ones who would remember the stories, each from our own perspective.”

There have been a number of times since then when my mind slips while looking through old photos and I say to myself, ‘I need to ask when that photo was taken?’ But there are no more answers, and many of my memories are jumbled, mixed with emotions from long ago. Some are jagged and painful and some are joyous and wonderfully clear.”

“Starting with the photos which helped me begin to describe my memories, it became my “Return Journey”, sifting through memories and emotions of ties past and present. The process kept evolving, needing a deeper, more full expression, so slowly it took on movement, music and color. I needed to go beyond the two dimensional surface so it felt right to have its final presentation include photographs, drawings and paintings, as well as video and music.”

An excerpt from the ‘Return Journey’ installation video may be viewed here. The full video may be viewed here.

“Return Journey” will be on display in the front room of the gallery Aug 1-Aug 21. Eastport Gallery is open daily at 109 Water St. from 11am-5pm, but for the best view of the video elements, visible through the gallery’s front window, come by and take a look after dark. The full video is available to view online here, or visit the Gallery’s YouTube channel.

The Gallery’s ongoing member show, featuring all new works beginning August 6, continues at 109 Water St and also in our virtual gallery at:  www.eastportgallery.com