For years community members have been celebrating the charm of Eastport through Paint Eastport Day. This year Eastport Gallery plans to expand the experience to 2 magical weeks. One week is for creating, and the following week is for sharing. Works will be shared 3 ways:  

• A silent auction booth of randomly selected works at the Salmon Festival, September 5, 10 am-3 pm.

• A display of local works at the Gallery, 109 Water Street, September 5-12.  These works will also be included in the online Facebook auction.

• An online auction on Facebook, September 5-12.  Auction closes at 5 pm on September 12.

Online submissions will be accepted between August 27 and September 4.

This year’s Paint Eastport is dedicated to David Orrell, past president of the Eastport Gallery and inspiration behind Paint Eastport.
Elizabeth Ostrander recounts, “David brought us our famous Paint Eastport Day! The idea had come to him while he was standing in front of an easel painting Eastport. He was surprised by how much attention he was getting and he thought how much more fun it could be if he was not the only painter. What if folks came to town and found easels set up all over the place with painters vigorously painting away?  With more artists tucked in between the rocks with sketchbooks vigorously capturing that special moment in Eastport? How fabulously surreal that could be.”  
This year work does not need to be created on a single day, but we do encourage artists to go out and create en plein air around town on September 4, in the spirit of David Orrell.

For complete information on how to Paint Eastport this year, please visit: