Fans of the spotlight, backstage aficionados, and community members of all stripes and
experiences levels are encouraged to attend Stage East’s 21-22 Season Interest Meeting on
Saturday, August 21 at 2 pm. The gathering, held at Eastport Arts Center, provides a space
for interested parties to hear about upcoming production opportunities, learn about Stage
East’s vision for the year, and participate in a Q&A with the organization’s new artistic director,
Mark Macey, while enjoying light refreshments.
“We have a lot of exciting opportunities coming up this season,” says Macey. “We
purposely selected shows with flexible casts so that anyone who really wants to be on stage can
be. There are also a lot of great openings for folks who love theater but don’t want to be in the
spotlight. I guess long story short – it’s a big tent!”

The upcoming season includes the much-loved Almost, Maine; the Chicago theater
comedy workhorse Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind; the highly physical Pool (No
and two original works by Maine talent.
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Beth Goodliff and Mark Macey perform “Master of the House” from Les Miserables, part of Stage East’s fall 2019 Broadway Revue. Photo by Brandy Argir