The Eastport Arts Center is planning a memorial auction of works by Joyce Weber, to serve also as a space to memorialize Weber, one of Eastport’s most influential and treasured artists. Over two dozen works bequeathed to the Center will be on the auction block.

Weber was instrumental in creating the now vibrant arts scene in Eastport, helping to establish the Eastport Gallery and, in turn, the Eastport Arts Center. She arrived in the city with her husband and family in 1983, and after hosting a series of life drawing sessions and meeting visual artists of many disciplines, saw the potential for a gallery. She continued to cultivate the arts throughout her lifetime. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and the help of many community members, the Eastport Arts Center and constituent groups that exist today formed in large part due to her efforts.  

Perhaps EAC president, Greg Biss, said it best: “The remarkable growth and reach of the Eastport Arts Center over the last 30 years has been the work of very many hands. But one such pair—Joyce’s—stands out for making real, through steely yet patient determination, that vision which has made us what we are today.” 

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Please stay tuned here for updates about this event. Please note that the event has been postponed from the originally planned date of September 19, 2021.