Popular EAC workshop instructor Sue Riddle guided students through a clever process of decoupaging on scallop shells at an August 10 session, part of EAC’s Summer Workshop Series. Riddle, who had scavenged the shells on a beach near her home, showed participants how to turn the rough-looking objects into things of beauty.

Students enjoyed playing with the process of adhering colorful illustrations—cut from paper napkins, including some saved from Riddle’s own wedding—to the surface of the shells, and then adding additional embellishments. Many tips for designing the shells helped attendees to create delicate-looking trinket dishes.

Riddle has previously taught themed Sip ‘n Paint events—’Sip ‘n Klimt’ (Gustav Klimt), ‘On Your Marc, Get Sip, Go!’ (Franz Marc) and ‘Frida Friday’ (Frida Kahlo)—and ornament-making at EAC.