Moose Island Mischief, Eastport Art Center’s original podcast program, is here. The podcast includes interviews and performances by Maine artists as well as satirical advertisements and ‘news’ segments.
The premiere episode featured author Penny Guisinger, singer/songwriter Emma Page, and writer Lora Whelan. The Moose Island Players (Ric Craig, Brian Schuth, Jenie Smith, and Kim Vogel) lend their voices and talents to the ads and bulletins.
The program is available to stream below (via the EAC YouTube channel)and on SoundCloud. Check out a teaser to get a short taste of the show as well.

“During the pandemic, I think we all learned the importance of extending our offerings to a digital space,” Mark Macey, the podcast’s creator and host, said, “I’ve always loved the intimacy of audio – I’m a public radio geek – and I thought a podcast was a natural fit for the center. I can’t wait to see what people think.”