Artist Anne Black will teach a workshop, ‘Joy of Acrylics,’ at EAC from 1-4 pm, October 30. “We will explore the incredible versatility of these materials with quick, playful warm-up pieces,” notes Anne, “followed by a series of three small paintings using different techniques and combinations of acrylics and mixed media materials.”

The workshop is designed for participants ages 12 and up, and will be offered ‘in person’ at EAC. Please stay tuned for more details and registration information. EAC events are presented in accordance with CDC guidelines; masks are required.

Read more about artists’ experience working with Black in this recap story from last October—Fast-Paced ‘Art Romp’ Lights a Spark for Zoom-in Artists— all about Black’s ‘Art Romp’ held via Zoom, and featuring artwork and quotes by Sue Riddle, Mary Anderson, Jennifer Maffett, Catherine Lee and Lauren Koss.

Anne Black is shown teaching ten students via Zoom at EAC on September 20, 2020.