Residents of Eastport Nursing Home and Washington Place in Calais were treated to a musical visit by three Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra members on Tuesday, December 14. The program of holiday tunes was performed by the talented trio of Ann Simmons, violin, June Gregory, flute and Ellen Krajewski, cello. 
Even with physical distancing, masks and flute mouth guard apparatus, the music came through loud and clear, and was enjoyed by all. Both audiences hummed and sang along quietly with the musicians. Orchestra members are looking forward to more opportunities to play together and for the public in 2022.
More information about Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra may be found here.

Ann Simmons (from left), June Gregory and Ellen Krajewski, as an outreach of Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra, performed for residents at Eastport Nursing Home on December 14. Photo by Ashley Scott, ENH Activities Director.