Keeping alive an EAC Festival of Trees tradition, this year Cynthia Morse, Jeanne Peacock and Jane Scanlon will bedeck their We Wish You a Very Arty Christmas at the Center’s December 11 event with a staggering bounty of art supplies sure to entice young artists of all stripes. “We each put in $30,” noted Morse, who created a previous art supplies tree with Sandy Swanson, and noted that Jim Riccio had also created a similar offering for the annual fundraiser. “It’s exciting to see the kids and their big eyes when they see such a huge pile of art supplies!”

The supplies gathered by the trio are intended to get young artists’ imaginations going. Boldly colored drawing media of all kinds—crayons, markers, paints—will nestle beside sculptural materials (pipe cleaners, modeling clay, wooden craft sticks, foam shapes) and an array of papers and poster board in the ‘Arty Christmas’ tree’s branches. There are also small kits for projects, including a bracelet kit, a stained glass-style sun catcher kit, ‘the ultimate neon fuzzy kit,’ and more. Quality paint brushes, adhesives (including a mini glue gun, glitter glue, school glue, ‘Gorilla’ glue and glue sticks!) scissors, a good sharpener and—let’s not forget them: googly eyes!—complete the lot.
Morse, an EAC Board member, noted that she and her collaborators all have backgrounds in education; one of Morse’s favorite projects at EAC is creation of the Youth Art Month Exhibition for Washington Street Gallery.

The Festival of Trees will be held from 4:30-5:30 pm, Saturday, December 11. Find more information about the festival here. See you there!