When temperatures plunge, storms swirl and cares of the world seem heavy, a place to find refuge is in the world of art. A novel can spirit you away to another place and time, a song can make you get up and dance and a painting can provide a place of calm as you see life through another person’s eyes.

When artist Helena Bosse paints, she says she hopes to evoke “a sense of warmth and well-being to the viewer.” And, she adds, “I try to show life as it should be— a peaceful place you want to escape to!” Helena’s paintings are full of warmth and color and often depict familiar and comfortable scenes found in Eastport and nature. 

Or, a painting might just make you smile. You might wander about the little Eastport Gallery and hear a soft chuckle of delight coming from someone around the corner. Invariably that someone is standing in front of a piece by Diana Young. The exuberance of her paintings is infectious. Diana says, “Usually when I’m inspired to do a painting there’s something there that makes me laugh, not a big belly-laugh, but a cerebral laugh … Something tickles me. … Other people have said my paintings make them happy.”

Come escape with the artist members of Eastport Gallery. You can see some of their work on display at the Eastport Art Center for the next couple of months as well as in their window display at 109 Water Street. You also can visit their online gallery anytime. Get details at eastportgallery.com.