Last month found EAC staff members Mark Macey and L. Elwood making visits to two local high schools for physical theater workshops. Cobscook Institute and Calais High School were excited to welcome the theater teachers for the sessions. “Working with students in person was a real treat,” noted Macey after the December 9 session in Calais. “No zoom screens! Even better to be focusing on the physical part of stagecraft—how our bodies and our movements make meaning. I was impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and vulnerability. They made great strides in the short hour L and I were with them.” 

Mark is Stage East’s Artistic Director and has a background in physical theater; L. is EAC’s intern and has a theater and dance background; the pair have been co-teaching the arts center’s youth theater programs since last summer, including two successful sessions of Children’s Theater Workshop (CTW) and a theater-themed Arts Camp, alongside lead arts camp instructor, Ann Cannizzaro.
A new session of CTW is upcoming, and as with the last session young people ages 7 to 18 will be welcomed. To express interest in CTW, or ask questions, please write Mark Macey at