Eastport Arts Center is pleased to host the 7th annual Student Art Exhibit, featuring works created by students of the following schools: Beatrice Rafferty Elementary, Ellen Nicholas, instructor; Eastport Elementary and Shead High School, Sara Myrick, instructor; Edmunds Consolidated School, Melanie Tardiff, instructor; Elm Street Elementary, Lisa Bartlett, instructor; Lubec Elementary and Pembroke Elementary, Connie Harter-Bagley, instructor; Whiting Village School, Lisa Fochesato, instructor; and Woodland Elementary and Woodland Jr./Sr. High School, J’Hannah McNally, instructor.
The show is traditionally held on the first floor of the Center—Washington Street Gallery—with a lively mix of artworks by students from around the area, and a joyful reception for students’ parents, siblings and friends to gather and view the art. This past year and this year, we present the works in an online format for all to enjoy. “The students have worked hard again this year,” noted exhibition organizer Cynthia Morse, “to create beautiful, colorful and amazing work!”

“Celebrating the artist in our youth is a way of acknowledging who the student is and the importance of expression in their lives,” added Morse. “Art increases a student’s emotional well-being, problem solving capabilities, and creative skills. Arts should be an integral part of every school and the EAC wants to encourage and celebrate student’s artistic success. Please take a moment to view the wonderful work that the students have created.”

Beatrice Rafferty Elementary School, Sipayik

In addition to the works above, Ellen Nicholas, Beatrice Rafferty (BRS) art teacher submitted links where those interested may view other works by her students. First, there are works by 10 BRS students in an Abbe Museum student art exhibition. Also, students in grades 3-5 worked with Visiting Artist Pamela Moulton on a 5-foot wall installation piece of denim. “The piece will be interactive,” noted Nicholas, “and viewers will be able to move pieces and rearrange the composition.” The installation may be viewed here: https://padlet.com/ellennicholas/yiccgejl3jts0siv.

Eastport Elementary School & Shead High School

Edmunds Consolidated School

Elm Street Elementary, East Machias

Lubec Elementary School

Pembroke Elementary School

Whiting Village School

Clay plant pots—coil, slab and/or pinched by Phoebe Shank, 5th grade (from left); Ryan Lescrynski, 5th grade; Cort Jones, 6th grade; Hudson Avery, 5th grade; Terra Knabenshue, 5th grade.

Woodland Elementary School

Woodland Jr./Sr. High School

The Woodland Elementary and High School art instructor also submitted a link for further viewing. Her students participated in a Getty Museum Challenge and created a group of artworks during remote schooling this past year. The works may be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/236465720541258/videos/184516090041319.