Alison Caldwell adds glitter to her painted pages at Sue Riddle’s Brushless Painting & Collage workshop. Photos with this story by L. Elwood and Sue Riddle.

EAC instructor Sue Riddle led a group of 7 students from Eastport, Robbinston, Trescott and Whiting in a day of free-flowing creative time on Saturday, February 5. The session began with making colorful papers using brayers, scrapers or a paint-pouring technique which Riddle demonstrated. After a break to allow drying time, participants either added cutout shapes to their paintings, or cut the paintings to create heart-themed collages.
The room alternated between bouts of laughter and excitement at the messy painting processes to periods of focused quiet as each student engaged with their creations.
Between demonstrating, assisting, and creating some eye-popping artwork Sue Riddle also captured a roll of photos of the event; EAC’s L. Elwood, who also painted and collaged at the session, also took some images. After the event, a few more images have rolled in from workshop participants, showing further work on their projects.
EAC workshops will continue monthly this winter; next up is a Joy of Acrylics session with Anne Black on March 5.