Four new members are joining Eastport Gallery! Let us introduce you!

Kelle Bates Erikson

My material sources range from Maine to Europe, Great Britain, Nepal and Thailand. I have a special fondness for earrings, so they have a huge place in my body of work. I also specialize in making jewelry from ancient relics that date from circa 790 A.D. through the Middle Ages. The relics have been collected from Great Britain so what you see is my attempt to keep history alive and tangible.

 Fran McLean

I am a realistic and animal portrait artist and work with oil on canvas, wood, and 400 lb. watercolor paper.  My work is of people, the sea, sky, boats, birds, the past, such as painting Eastport in the 1850 and 1900s and I have been an artist for 60+ years and look forward to many more years of painting, it is what I love to do.

Deborah Jellison

A lifetime spent in wooded landscapes has taught me to love and appreciate nature.  The natural environment, for me, is “home”, a safe and sacred place which provides me with inspiration and materials for my studio practice.  Each barren tree against the sky or fractal formed in ice on the forest floor suggests both forms and patterns which often appear in my work.

Brenda Gay

To me, my painting is the greatest, and deepest outward expression of what my soul sees. I also do landscapes and seascapes, and work in graphite and charcoal.

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