You can see new work on display in the windows of Eastport Gallery, 109 Water Street. Lots of lovelies! Just walk on by. Speaking of walking on by, we had a great instance of happenstance intervening this week—

Two guys from Delaware decided to visit and take a meander past the gallery in the frigid weather.  To be fair, these guys seem to be fans of Eastport, but the weather was cold, cold, cold, and not a great day for a meander. The couple had purchased artwork from the gallery before, and during the summer the work of another artist had caught their eye and they wondered if it was still available. As luck or fate would have it, a gallery member was working in the windows this week to create the next display. So, they were welcomed into the gallery (typically not open until June) and they were able to go home with two treasures. Sometimes, timing is everything.

Next week, we’ll start to showcase the work of our new members!

Plus, be sure to catch a last look at the Eastport Gallery Members’ Exhibit, on view at the Eastport Arts Center’s Washington Street Gallery until March 28.

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Lighthouse from Schoodic” by Cheryl Kurtz