Two artists, Anne Black and Kelle Bates Erikson, are showcasing new lovelies at Eastport Gallery … art that you can wear.

You may be familiar with Anne Black’s large dynamic and dramatic monotypes and digital montages that have been featured in the Gallery and at the Eastport Art Center. She selects mini excerpts from those images to craft unique jewelry out of aluminum. These wearable art pieces are especially lightweight and comfortable and feature mask- and sweater-proof ear wires. She also creates more sculpture-like pieces that often have Swarovski beads added for pops of sparkle and color. Recently she has been experimenting with the serendipitous method of torch-firing copper, resulting in unique earrings that resemble little landscapes.

Kelle Bates Erikson is new to Eastport Gallery and her wearable art pieces are displayed on playful cards that will make you smile. Kelle says “I make jewelry for the woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously.” And yet, they are serious works of art. Kelle has had had training in copper and sterling silver metalwork as well as enameling, and uses aluminum, brass, copper, tin, silver and hand-formed clay in her work. Recycled bits, fair trade beads and components created by other women are often incorporated as well. Her material sources range from Maine to Europe, Great Britain, Nepal and Thailand.

In addition to delightful bits of hand-crafted whimsy, Kelle also specializes in making jewelry from ancient relics that date from circa 790 A.D. through the Middle Ages. The relics were collected from Great Britain and history comes alive as these artifacts are worn again in a new way.

Please visit Eastport Gallery on Water Street to see these beautiful wearable art pieces. To learn more about Anne and Kelle and the other Gallery artists, visit