A special session of Ecstatic Dance will be offered 5-6 pm, Tuesday, September 27, at EAC. Robin Farrin, who founded the group five years ago at EAC, is visiting the area, and excited to share a special playlist of dance-inspiring songs she’s made. “Thankfully Alberta Hunter kept it going,” Farrin remarked about the group. “After I put my dog down I had to move on, however I will always treasure the years I spent in Eastport and whenever I’m in the area I’m happy to offer a good hour of dancing!”

Attendees should wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring water to drink. The session is being offered by $5 suggested donation to the Center. Inquiries about the group may be made by email to info@eastportartscenter.org.

A freelance photographer, Farrin’s images of EAC are legion, and have an important place in the history of the center. She currently resides in Belfast, where she leads an Ecstatic Dance group.