Barbara Toothpick and Alan HorseRadish, who will present a show of duets, “Kitchen Songs,” on September 16, at Eastport Arts Center, will be featured the same weekend with a Camden Film Festival screening on Sunday, September 18. “The Artists,” by Noah David Smith and Elizabeth L. Smith, set in the couple’s Pembroke cottage by the Pennamaquan River, allows Toothpick and HorseRadish to “reflect on their similar and divergent perceptions of art and their life together.”

Image by Noah David Smith from “The Artists”, a new film about Barbara Toothpick and Alan HorseRadish, who’ll give a show of duets to benefit Eastport Arts Center on Friday, September 16 at 7 pm.

Noah and Elizabeth live, work and raise their three boys in Manhattan, and are enjoying spending summers in Pembroke. “We were initially fascinated by the sculptural installation at the house along the Pennamaquan River in Pembroke,” wrote Elizabeth, about the genesis of the documentary. “As filmmakers, we are drawn to stories about the intricacies of relationships, expressions of art, and concepts of time and permanency. When we finally met Alan and Barbara, we were immediately drawn to them, their individual artistic practices, perspectives, and the longevity of their relationship.”
The filming, which took place in September 2021, coincided with the artists’ continuing development and rehearsal of a show presented in 2019 at Eastport Arts Center, “One Woman Show with Alan.” “They kindly embraced us and our interest in their lives and process,” added Elizabeth.
Noah David Smith is an award-winning Director, Cinematographer and Photographer. His work tells beautiful and evocative stories deeply rooted in portraiture, natural light, and honesty. Noah holds an MFA in Photography from The Rhode Island School of Design.
Elizabeth L. Smith is a Director and Creative Producer, and an ardent admirer of stories about truth, love and loss.

“The Artists” will screen as part of the Dirigo Docs program at Camden International Film Festival, 4 pm, Sunday, September 18, at the Camden Opera House Auditorium. Additional information about the screening may be found here.

More information about the upcoming performance by Toothpick and HorseRadish at EAC may be found here: in a new tab).

The riverside Pembroke home of Barbara Toothpick and Alan HorseRadish is the setting for a new documentary about the couple, created by Noah David Smith and Elizabeth Smith. Toothpick and HorseRadish will perform at EAC on Friday, September 16, and the film will be screened as part of the Camden Film Festival on Sunday, September 18. Image by Noah David Smith.