Barbara Toothpick and Alan HorseRadish, who performed a show of ‘Kitchen Songs’ in September at EAC, were featured the same weekend in a Camden Film Festival premiere of ‘The Artists’ by filmmakers Noah David Smith and Elizabeth L. Smith. Captured in their Pembroke home as they prepared for a past performance, ‘One Woman Show with Alan,’ the couple may be seen engaged in their mix of artistic and domestic activities, paint brushes at the ready, coffee ever steeping, firewood at hand, and the Pennamaquan River beside them.

The Smiths reported: “We really enjoyed the experience of screening ‘The Artists’ at The Camden Film Festival, and absolutely loved being amongst so many talented filmmakers in Maine.” 

EAC Video invites all to enjoy this special glimpse of one of our favorite performing couples; also, a video by Bernie Cecire of the ‘Kitchen Songs’ performance will be shared via our YouTube channel later this year.

The Artists’ may be viewed here:

More information about the film and filmmakers may be found here: pembroke-artists-featured-in-camden-film-festival-entry.