EAC would like to extend thanks to volunteers Mary Anderson, Jenny Gillies and Rosalie Woodward, who have been hard at work this week putting up posters for Arts Center events despite fearsome winds and a dip into colder temperatures.

Woodward wrote, after tackling downtown Lubec, and prior to an afternoon including stops in West Lubec, Whiting and Trescott, “The wind literally pushed me down Water Street!” She noted that she’d put up the remainder of her packet in Machias the following day. “Volunteering can be very satisfying,” she continued. “Putting up posters is a time to reconnect with friends in the community. They are very welcoming. Additionally there is a great feeling of being asked to do something worthwhile. The only drawback is that a couple of places require taking in my credit card when eyeing something that one cannot live without!”

Thank you, intrepid Rosalie, Jenny and Mary!! Interested in volunteering for EAC? Please email us at info@eastportartscenter.org!