Organizers of Eastport Arts Center’s 13th Annual Festival of Trees are thrilled to have received the names and themes of this year’s trees, as follows. In addition to the ‘main event’ of lovingly decorated tabletop trees available by silent bid, the event will feature a ticket raffle of gift-worthy items donated by local individuals and groups, live music and take-out snacks! The event will be held 4:30 to 5:30 pm, Saturday, December 10.
Please read about all of our prize, refreshment and music-donors here:
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Without further ado, the 2022 Festival of Trees entrants:

The Tale of Old Mother Rabbit’s Christmas, by Lisa Intrator
Festive Feline Frolics, by Meg Colbert and Will Lopez
Baubles and Beads, by Cathy Adelman and Muffy Floyd
A Tree for Ukraine, by Catherine J.S. Lee
Have a Very Arty Christmas, by Cynthia Morse, Gwen Jones and Claudia de Vries Arroyo
Always Something Sings, by Manuela Brice
Sugar Plum Merry, by Alberta Hunter
The Lobster Man, by David Oja and Kimberly McCammon
Old Fashioned Christmas, by Eastport Senior Center
“And To All a Pickleball Night”, by Helen Swallow for Eastport Pickleball Club
Visions of Pastries Danced in My Head, by Kelly Forfa for Breakwater Bagels
K9TREEATS, by Little Water Street Gang:
Jack and Anita Sivertson, Barbara Barrett and Madeline Murphy
Garden Seeds and Treasures, by St. Croix International Garden Club
Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, by Melissa Newcomb
Mementos by Jude Kempe
A Seek & Find “Classic” Christmas: Match the “Story Ornament” with its Author!, by Patricia Gardner, Dana Chevalier and Jenny Robish for Peavey Memorial Library
The Peace Tree, by Susan Weaver and Kris Smith
Plaid Moose Tree, by Horn Run Brewing
“Merry Violin or Festive Fiddle?”, by Ellen Krajewski for Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra
Thinking of Ukraine, by Cynthia Morse for Eastport Breakwater Gallery
Starry Night in Eastport, by Jessica Williams
The Barbarista Tree, an art and fashion-inspired tree in honor of Barbara Kendall, by Georgie Kendall, Realtor, Realty of Maine

St. Croix Garden Club members, including Tonya Troiani (from left), Rachel Hamilton, Cheryl Brissenden-Ficker and Linda Gralenski, are at work on elements to be used on their tree, ‘Garden Seeds and Treasures,’ this year. Photo by another member of the club, EAC’s Education & Outreach Coordinator Alison Brennan, who notes: “This time of year there are about 15 of us that get together. In the summer there are quite a few more!” The group’s festival tree will be bedecked with little handmade packets, each containing flower and garden seeds, each with accompanying information/planting directions.
Here are a few views of “Merry Violin or Festive Fiddle?”, made by Ellen Krajewski as Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra’s contribution to the festival. “Special thanks to all who donated materials,” writes Ellen, “and to Alice Schuth for the (unplayable) violin.”