When you think about the elements of visual art, ‘form’ is a complex one. The outside of an object is defined by the inside. The inside is determined by what happens outside. In a painting it is the place where the second dimension intersects with the third dimension. Edgar Degas said, “Drawing is your understanding of form.” In a sculpture the element of form is likely to dominate your experience of that piece of art.

The work of Eastport Gallery member-artist Alison Brynn Ross is a celebration of form. With wire, and often a healthy sense of play, she depicts the world through line and structure. It is two-dimensional while at the same time edging towards the third dimension. Calling it “wire taxidermy” she says her “menagerie ranges from the magical to mundane, unicorns and dinosaurs to moose and mice, no animal is too large or small.”
To see more of Alison’s work and the work of other member artists, visit eastportgallery.com.

Mohave by Alison Brynn Ross