In a course from Tate Modern, rhythm in art is described like this: “Many artists find rhythm in pulsing shapes and lines. Certain colours put together can seem to vibrate. Other artists, like Barbara Hepworth, have been inspired by the swooping, curling rhythm of the sea or the rolling landscape.J.M.W. Turner created many atmospheric paintings of rough seas. They capture the rhythm of crashing waves and rising swell.” The element of rhythm in visual art helps you feel movement in a plane where there is really none.

Eastport Gallery member Diana Young creates art that is full of movement and seems to dance with life. Here she describes her approach to her inspiring work: “I tend toward line, direction and force.  I focus on motion rather than a point or object and I prefer a dynamic interlocking of shapes to attempt three-dimensional rendering.”

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Feng Shui at 9 Clark Street’ by Diana Young