It’s that time of year when the light looks a bit brighter and the rhubarb and daffodils start to timidly emerge from hibernation. We know in our hearts that a storm could blanket our driveways with snow next week and it will be a while before the shadbush trees blush pink and white along the roadsides, but still … we’re feeling it.

Eastport Gallery artists are feeling it too. Soon we’ll be getting out the brooms, paint rollers and window washing gear to spruce up the Water Street gallery for the season. We are gearing up for a new Spring Show in the virtual gallery and there are workshops taught by Gallery artists on the EAC event calendar. We are also sketching out plans for more Artist Talks and Music on the Deck as the 2023 season is promising to be a lively one.

Happy Spring to All! To catch the opening of the next show in our Virtual Gallery, or to see the lineup of workshops and events visit

Geese Family Outing by Alice Chen