Featured artists are Anne Black and Barbara Moskol. The show will run through August 12. 

Anne’s recent work which is created with photography, acrylics and mixed media, and printmaking. It is inspired by Eastport, a place that exerts an invisible, magical pull on many of us. She says that she “feel stories of the past embedded in the rugged coastline, the deep waters, the older buildings, and the community” and her art captures the “surprising pockets of spiders, snails, barnacles and colorful plant life living among the rocks; the haunting abstract scenes I find in the subterranean areas under old piers” as well as other enchanted visions.

Barbara’s pottery reminds you of tidal pools, coastal sunrises and cool island mists. That’s no surprise because most of her pieces incorporate sea glass that she finds on area beaches. She emphasizes that “the sea glass comes right from Eastport’s past.” While the pieces may include a piece of local history, her pieces are thoroughly modern in application. They are all food and microwave safe. Visitors will enjoy seeing her creativity dished out as spaghetti bowls, cheese plates, rice bowls and other creations.

There will be an opening reception for the show on Sunday, July 30 at 5 pm.

Also coming soon!

Artist Talk with Meg Colbert: August 2 at 1pm

Music on the Deck with Ellen Krajewski: August 4 at 3pm

Picture a Mermaid, a participatory art event: August 5, 11am to 5pm

The Eastport Gallery is located at 109 Water Street in Eastport’s historic downtown. The Gallery is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm.

Visit eastportgallery.com to learn more about Anne and Barbara in our artists directory, view our current online show and learn about other upcoming events.