“Eastport has a long list of big fans,” noted Deb Fallows in an article this week on the Our Towns Civic Foundation site, discussing her recent visit with husband Jim to Eastport, their sixth since 2013. The couple, with David Dahl, editor of The Maine Monitor, engaged a crowd in community conversation at EAC on August 15.
“A good 10 % of Eastport’s population showed up with questions,” wrote Deb about the event, which looked at changes for small towns over the last decade—pandemic impacts; public attitudes; and the crisis of local journalism. Special note was made of The Maine Monitor‘s “citizen-supported, in-depth, non-partisan reporting” and of Eastport’s own Quoddy Tides, “a hefty paper about local and regional issues. We have a subscription to the paper,” wrote Deb, “which we fight over as soon as it arrives in the mail to DC.”
A video of the conversation is viewable below. The full article on the Our Towns site may be viewed here: https://www.ourtownsfoundation.org/our-towns-returns-to-eastport-maine-ten-years-later/.

David Dahl, editor of The Maine Monitor (from left) led a community conversationwith Deborah and James Fallows at EAC on August 15. Maine Monitor Executive Director Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm (back to the camera) provided online access to the event, while nearly 90 were in attendance at the Center. The discussion and question-and-answer period were followed by a lively reception.