Emcee John Hylas Smith supported performers at a special Eastport Salmon & Seafood Festival Open Mic Night, September 2, sponsored by R. H. Foster. Taking the mic were Sam LaRusse, Catherine J.S. Lee, Isaac Angel and Paula Horvath; Smith added his songs to the mix.
EAC would like to thank John Hylas Smith for his help with this event, and also for ably emceeing the August 24 Open Mic at the center. (We’d also like to take this moment to thank our past emcees—Susan Ober, Sarah Dalton-Phillips and EAC staff members Alison Brennan, Meg Colbert and Lauren Koss). Coming up at EAC, Open Mics will be held October 6 and November 10. Performances of all kinds are welcome, and those who might be interested in trying the emcee role are encouraged to reach out to us as well. More information about these events may be found here: https://eastportartscenter.org/2023/09/open-mic-nights-continue/.