Eastport Arts Center will offer an Open Mic Night on Friday, November 10, from 6-8 pm. EAC Open Mics are a lively mix of 10-minute music and spoken word acts, with always some surprises. An array of snacks and hot beverages are provided in a casual coffeehouse-style atmosphere. Those interested in performing may sign up at the event for a slot, 10 minutes maximum; shorter acts are also very welcome. A limited number of slots for participants with special needs will be reserved for advance signup. Please send any inquiries by email to info@eastportartscenter.org. Admission and refreshments are free; donations will be gratefully accepted.

An extra-large audience was excited to hear the performers at EAC’s July Open Mic. The event has run monthly since January ’23, and will continue in January ’24, skipping December due to an abundance of other events at EAC that month.

Our August, October and November events have been sponsored by Mike MacPhee, an Eastport-based realtor with Due East. “I believe the role that EAC plays in Eastport is one of many factors that influence people to choose this area over others,” commented MacPhee. “EAC’s multifaceted offerings to the local community are a wonderful gift to us all. I am a proud sponsor of the 2022-2023 Stage East season, and have fond memories of many events over the years. Open Mic has become a new favorite with many, and I would like to encourage their brave participation into the future.”

ALL THE WAY FROM WISCONSIN TO THE EAC STAGE—Travelers Dan and Linda Semi delighted EAC Open Mic attendees on October 6 with a hilarious and heartfelt rendition of John Prine’s “In Spite of Ourselves.” The pair are from Wisconsin, but have been living nomadically in an RV since July, in an adventure detailed on their blog. While staying in Lubec, they spotted a flyer for EAC’s open mic, and spontaneously decided to check out the event in lieu of their original plan of a lobster supper! 
Kendall Zeigler-Woog made the first of what we hope will be many appearances on the EAC Open Mic stage at the August 24 event. Photo by Jim Riccio.