EAC’s Homeschool Coop will continue Friday, November 17, 1-3 pm, with a special ‘Snacksgiving’ session in celebration of the upcoming holiday, featuring a snack potluck and cornucopia-themed craft.
“We are a very drop-in friendly group,” notes organizer Nicole Perkins, EAC’s Education & Outreach Coordinator. She noted that families who email her will be added to a reminder list, and will receive a note on the Friday between sessions with a description of the coming week’s projects.

For the November 3 meeting, Perkins devised an art project incorporating movement and design: ‘Me Trees.’ Each child chose a pose and traced the outline of their body on a large sheet of paper. “They were given free rein to create a tree however they wished,” noted Perkins. “Some made Christmas trees, some used fall leaves, some painted, others drew details. The artists were very engaged and focused—they shared resources and helped each other design!”

A young student works on a ‘Me Tree’ during EAC’s Homeschool Coop on November 3. All photos by Nicole Perkins.

The group serves K-12 level students and their families with meetings on the first and third Friday of each month, 1-3 pm, at Eastport Arts Center. Perkins may be reached for more information at nicole@eastportartscenter.org.