We recently asked the community what provides their creative inspiration.  While some folks said their inspiration comes from within, many find inspiration from being around other creative people, enjoy classes to learn something new and appreciate creative spaces such as concerts or museums.

Well, that makes it easy for Eastporters! Even in winter there are many places to find creative people, classes and happenings. Check out EAC’s event listings for starters! Another bunch of people said their inspiration stems from their environment. Well, Down Easters … need I say more? What a wonderful place to find the beauty, drama and solace of nature right outside your window everyday!

Also, Deadlines! Sometimes it takes a deadline to light a fire you know where … a little pressure to inspire you to get moving in a creative direction. For all Eastport artists and Eastport aficionados near and far there is a deadline coming up with Eastport’s Annual Hearts for the Arts Auction (Feb. 5 submission deadline). It is a great way to support our local art scene. 

See Eastport Gallery Artists’ work now:

o   at the EAC through March. These are mostly large works and can be purchased by emailing eastportgallery.com.

o   in our Virtual Gallery

o   on each Artist’s Page

Visit eastportgallery.com for more information and updates.

Snowstorm Outside My Window” by Martha Evans