“I’ve always wanted the Star Trek future where we work to better ourselves and to serve our communities,” noted Elizabeth Nichols-Goodliff, who directed and performed in the Stage East’s latest, ‘Music and the Movies,’ a revue performed on December 29 and 31. “We get to have those experiences and share with others through music and theater.”

Goodliff extended thanks to Jane Lanctot, accompanist; Bernie Cecire, technical director and light & sound operator; Brian Schuth, producer; Sarah Dalton-Phillips, assistant producer and house manager; Jude Kempe, technical assistant and photographer; and Maggie Phares, set designer.

Cast members included Rachel Bailey, Manuela Brice, Laura Brown, Heather Mara Campos, Brandy Cogdill, Madeline Collins, Dale Dougherty, Kayla Heckart, Ashley McLaughlin, Maggie Phares, Colin and Iris Shank, Louis West and Rosalie Woodward.

Photos follow, thanks to Jude Kempe, who found time amidst technical duties to take them!