Quoddy Voices singers Jenny Gillies (left) and Geri Ilg braved the fearsome storm of December 18 along with the choir’s Director, Gene Nichols, to bring concerts to Wellmore Point in Calais and Eastport Memorial Nursing Home. Find a video clip from their boisterous Calais show below; apparently their choice of tune was inspired by Gillies’ travel with husband Woody to Australia, where Santa Claus is often depicted on a surfboard! (And for more about Australia, check out Woody’s Sunday series presentation, February 18, ‘A Photo Tour of Australian Wildlife’!)

Inspired by the Quoddy Voices outreach antics? We hope you’ll consider joining us at EAC for our Groundhog’s Day Retro Record Hop this Friday night, February 2, or to sing, when Quoddy Voices rehearsals resume, Wednesday, February 7. (Click on the linked text for more info!)

Footage from Wellmore Point in Calais; thanks to the employee who helped get this clip! The trio also visited Eastport Memorial Nursing Home that day; more photos follow.