According to the Museum of Hoaxes in San Diego, CA, a Swedish national television pulled the wool over its viewers’ eyes in a famous April Fool’s bit in 1962. Well, maybe not wool. They suggested nylon. Specifically, they showcased an “expert” explaining, in detailed technical terms, how viewers could enhance their programs by viewing them through nylon stockings. If they did so, the images from the black and white broadcast would appear (magically) in color. The result? There was a run on stockings (yup, couldn’t resist saying that) as thousands of people sought to try this at home. This stunt ranks #2 on the Museum’s list of Top 100 Hoaxes of All Time!

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Have yourself a happy bunny day and a fun-filled and perhaps punny April Fool’s Day!

A wonderfully color-filled piece by Jon Taner: “Octopus’ Garden