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The Washington Street Gallery mission is to educate and engage the greater Eastport Community concerning the visual arts. This would be accomplished by providing a format for local, national or international exhibitions. Typically artists engage the community though a gallery talk.

The Washington Street Gallery is located in the ground floor multi-purpose room of the Eastport Arts Center. Artists applying for an exhibition should be aware of the usage of the multi purpose room which is wide ranging and can be at times full of people. During the summer months the room is in constant use giving the artist maximum exposure.  The space is particularly suitable for 2D work that is either large in size or has a large number of smaller pieces. There are three walls that are available for use: (see floor plan). The walls are also suitable for relief sculpture. Freestanding sculpture could be arranged on sculpture stands provided by the artist that would be place up against the walls. The artist should be aware that 3D work might be more vulnerable in this type of multi use room.

Artists showing at the Washington Street gallery receive a great deal of exposure from the audiences coming to performance events. They also receive exposure from the usage of the multi-purpose room located on the ground floor which hosts smaller events such as concerts, visual and performing arts workshops, movies, dance, yoga class, art and performance receptions, children and adult programs.  The multi-purpose room is also rented to the general public for events such as fundraising dinners or wedding receptions.  These activities share the space with the exhibitor and would be on going during the exhibition. Also located off the mulit- purpose room are a kitchen and the director’s office. The EAC is open Tuesday – Friday 11:00 – 3:00 and by appointment. It is also opened during weekend and evening’s performances and special events.


Artist’s Proposal:

Please briefly describe the nature of your proposed exhibition (1 paragraph on a separate piece of paper).  Include your concept/subject matter, the approximate size, number of pieces and media being used.  We are looking for an idea of how the space will be utilized.
Include between 3 and 5 digital images of the work being submitted or work similar to what will be submitted. Arrangements can be made to show the committee original work instead of the digital images.

Artist Responsibility:

The artist will be responsible for hanging and labeling the work, in consultation with a member of the curating committee or director of the art center. The WSG will assist the artist in other ways that are listed on the next page.
Please provide a written statement that expresses the process or thoughts for this specific exhibit.  This will be on display along with the title of the Exhibition. The artist may also include a more general artist statement.
The artist should advertise his/her exhibit by email, website and social media. The artist is also encouraged to place an ad in the local paper.
The artist is expected to host a reception providing food and beverages.


What do you propose to do to engage the greater Eastport Community?

Often exhibitors choose to give an artist talk during the artist reception. Other ways to engage the Eastport Community could be to teach a class or workshop perhaps including the local schools, or give a lecture / power point presentation which could be held at a time different from the reception.


Sales and Security:

The Washington Street Gallery is an Exhibition Gallery and not a selling Gallery.   However private sales are allowed and are the responsibility of the artist including the collecting and paying of State of Maine sales tax.  Prices should not be listed on the labels; rather the artist should use a separate pricing sheet that will be left in the room.
The artist is expected to make a 25% donation of any sale / sales to the EAC payable at the close of the Exhibition.
The gallery will make every effort to keep the work safe, however we do not carry insurance and any insurance would be the responsibility of the artist.


Washington Street Gallery will provide:

We will assist the artist with the set up and clean up for the reception.

We will provide publicity in our biweekly e-newsletter, on our website, and send out your press release to local newspapers.

We can print a poster for the exhibition if the artist provides us with a design for one. The artist would be responsible for distribution.

If the artist wishes we will provide your contact info to anyone who is interested in it.

After reviewing the application the EAC will contact you. If you are accepted for an exhibition we would want to meet with you personally or by phone to discuss details and answer any questions you might have.

For information about the EAC or to see our newsletter check our website: eastportartscenter.org


Please return your application to:

Chris Grannis, Director

36 Washington St, Eastport, ME 04631

(207) 853-4650