Northern Lights Film Society shows films, both classic and contemporary, from around the world. Movies are shown on the 16-foot screen in the second floor theater of the Eastport Arts Center, 36 Washington Street. The theater sits 106, and a lift is available for those individuals who have difficulty with stairs. The society gives the island city its first permanent cinema since the Wilbur Theater stopped showing movies in the early 1970s. Films are shown every Sunday, at 7 pm. During the summer season, a Thursday night film is added to the schedule. Individuals who would like to receive an announcement of each film should contact, Jon Bragdon at to be added to the list-serve.

Enrollment is at the door (no charge for film; suggested membership-donation $5 to help cover Society and Arts Center costs). The public is cordially invited to join, all are welcome.

THANKS to all the individuals and organizations whose cooperation helps make it possible for Northern Lights to put on these seminar programs, including: Eastport Arts Center, Shead High School, The Quoddy Tides, Winstanley Institute and Winstanley Fund, Eastport Lycaeum, Shackford Institute, Eastport Unitarians, Quoddy Cinematheque, and Arts & Humanities Outreach Project, Inc.N.B. The Society and the Lycaeum screen films in this seminar program series under the provisions of U.S. Code TITLE 17 CHAPTER 1 Sec. 110, and under the terms of the public performance umbrella license (12150210) issued to the Society by the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation.

Musique Concrète ‘Home Planet’ Illuminated in Coast-Spanning Imagery

“The Home Planet consists almost exclusively of environmental sounds that were recorded within a short distance of my home,” noted composer Samuel Pellman. “As with many of the classic concrète works of the 1950’s, the listener can often identify familiar sounds (for instance, of birds singing at dawn, the … [Read More]

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Vintage Film Collage Keeps Pace with Composer’s Martian Opus

EAC Publicity Director Lauren Koss—who studied video and film at Hamilton College in the late 1990s—collaborated extensively with digital musician Samuel Pellman in 2003-04 and again 2012-2015, creating videos to illustrate his album, Selected Planets. Following is Pellman’s Ares Vallis. “The music for this piece was completed on the … [Read More]

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