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Community Theatre for 30 Years


Stage East was founded in 1990 when Cornerstone Theater Company, a group of thespians who had met as students at Harvard, came to Eastport to put on a production as part of their mission to bring theater to rural communities. They adapted the Henrik Ibsen play Peer Gynt, into a play that locals could relate to called Pier Gynt.  They mixed their own actors with local, many of whom had never acted before, for the production. After Cornerstone left, the locals who had been involved in the production founded Stage East and put on their first production in the fall of 1990, The Playboy of the Western World by John Millington Synge.  Stage East continues to produce popular and thought-provoking plays each summer as well as a special New Years Eve production.

We are always looking for people who are interested in participating in a production.  There are many jobs that are essential for the production of a play. Almost all of them behind the scenes. You don’t have to have any experience:  just a willingness to learn and to put in some hours (amount of time depending on the job).  Some of the jobs include:
publicity, distribution of posters, deliver/pickup posters and programs at printers, stage management. obtaining props, placing the props on the stage during the play, house management, bringing food for the reception, selling tickets at the front door, lighting design, lighting techs, running the light board, sound effect design, sound tech, running the sound board, directing and producing.

Stage East to Sing in the New Year; Tickets Available Starting December 2

Join Stage East to celebrate New Year’s Eve weekend in Eastport with a salute to Music and the Movies. This large cast ensemble musical revue will bring back memories of your favorite musical moments from popular movies.  Performances take place at the Eastport Arts Center on Friday, December 29th … [Read More]

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Stage East Musical Revue Still Seeking

Stage East is putting together a musical revue, “Music and the Movies”, for December 29 and 31 performances at Eastport Arts Center, and additional recruits are encouraged to join in.  “Although we have a good number of participants (18-20), we could still incorporate some more,” noted Beth Goodliff, the … [Read More]

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Stage East Seeks Singers for Revue; Auditions/Meet&Greet/First Practice is November 4

Stage East will present a musical revue based on the theme of “Music and the Movies”. The performance dates will be Friday, December 29th and Sunday, December 31st, 2023. This event will be part of Eastport’s New Year’s Eve celebration and will take place at the Eastport Arts Center.Stage … [Read More]

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Stage East Invites All to ‘Company Formation Meeting’ on July 15

Stage East is thrilled to announce its upcoming “Company Formation Meeting” on Saturday, July 15 at 2 pm at the residence of Stage East President, Brian Schuth. The event aims to bring together individuals who share a passion for theater and are willing to invest their time and efforts … [Read More]

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Stage East’s Popcorn Falls Continues Through June 25; Behind the Scenes Facts are Here!

Stage East’s summer production is close at hand, opening on Friday June 16th. To whet your appetite, enjoy these ten fun facts about the show and watch this space for more behind the scenes content in the coming weeks! 

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Stage East’s Summer Comedy Riffs on Small-town Life

Popcorn Falls by James Hindman tells the story of a small American town facing economic disaster after a neighboring town’s dam dries up their famed waterfall. The mayor alongside the town hall’s trusty custodian must rally the townspeople together to put on a play in order to save their … [Read More]

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Stage East Announces Summer Production

Stage East is excited to announce their upcoming production of “Popcorn Falls” starring Morgan Swan and Alba “Hoty” Briggs IV. Swan, who captivated audiences as Mina in Stage East’s production of Dracula: The Musical?, and Briggs, who wowed as Tom in The Glass Menagerie, are set to shine in this hilarious … [Read More]

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Stage East to Hold Trunk Sale of Fabric, Clothing and Costumes

Stage East’s spring clean can be your windfall! The theater’s trunk sale on Saturday, April 15th will offer a selection of fabrics, clothing, and costumes that range from practical to whimsical. The sale will run from 10 am to 2 pm, and items will be sold at a dollar … [Read More]

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Stage East’s Panopticon Runs Through April 2

Stage East’s spring production, Panopticon, premieres this month in the Eastport Arts Center’s downstairs space. The show, an irreverent history of the prison system, is written and directed by Stage East’s executive artistic director, Mark Macey and based off the work of French philosopher Michel Foucault. Challenged to describe … [Read More]

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Passionate Prop Maker in the Spotlight as Stage East Prepares to Premiere ‘Panopticon’

Brandy Codill has once again lent her prop construction skills to Stage East with fabulous results. The task at hand?  Creating a puppet that could come apart at the limbs, speak, and be thrown and handled roughly all while looking like a 18th century Frenchman. “Robert [the puppet’s name] … [Read More]

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