The Eastport Arts Center (EAC) nurtures and promotes seven year-round constituent groups engaged in theater, art, music, film, education and community outreach. The EAC is available for rental and serves as our region’s premiere venue for an array of special events and visiting artists and performers. Our mission: To stimulate and nurture an appreciation of the visual and performing arts and the creative process, and to provide a home and an environment within the community where they can prosper.

Artist Profile: Shaïloh Plumbs ‘Major Arcana’ for Youth Art Month Show

11-year-old Shaïloh, a homeschooled Eastport resident, is at work on an ambitious art project—to create an his own illustrated Tarot deck. The first 9 of these cards are currently on view in EAC’s Youth Art Month Exhibition, and the artist plans to continue plugging away at his task. “I got the inspiration for the tarot cards mainly from reading books … [Read More]

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Live Community Drawing Group Formed Online by EAC Instructor

Zoom in and draw in community! EAC is excited to announce a new online portrait drawing group, organized by Anne Hopkins, our Life Drawing leader. Participating artists will take turns holding 5-20 minute poses for each other. Each artist—whether amateur or experienced—will have a turn to draw. “We can then share our experience and what we’ve made,” noted Hopkins. … [Read More]

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Stage East’s Comedy Appreciation Class ‘All About Having a Good Laugh’

Laugh Lab, now an online course, takes participants through the ins-and-outs of watching, reading, and writing comedic sketches. The class, run by Mark Macey, was originally focused on improv comedy. “We always intended to move into sketch comedy,” Macey said, “and now seemed like the perfect opportunity.” Weekly installments can be found on YouTube with links available every Tuesday … [Read More]

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Ride the Airwaves ‘Round the World’ with Chorus’ New Accompanist

EAC’s international community chorus, Quoddy Voices, recently announced that their new accompanist is Jane Lanctot—Lubec resident, multi-instrumentalist, scholar of Cambodian music, electrical engineering and mathematics, AND host of Round the World with Cracklin’ Jane, a radio show aired online and via Eastport’s Shead High School radio station, WSHD-LP. Cracking away on producing new shows each week from her extensive … [Read More]

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Arts Resources for Creative Community—from Home

We at EAC have been thrilled to see all of the efforts being put forth by educators to bring arts education into our lives and homes during this time when participating in community means staying at a distance from others. Please feel free to email us additional suggestions for this page, and we’ll keep adding on. Cherryfield-based artist and … [Read More]

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Vintage Film Collage Keeps Pace with Composer’s Martian Opus

EAC Publicity Director Lauren Koss—who studied video and film at Hamilton College in the late 1990s—collaborated extensively with digital musician Samuel Pellman in 2003-04 and again 2012-2015, creating videos to illustrate his album, Selected Planets. Following is Pellman’s Ares Vallis. “The music for this piece was completed on the twentieth anniversary of the first successful landing of a craft … [Read More]

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