The Eastport Arts Center (EAC) supports seven year-round constituent groups engaged in theater, art, music, film, education and community outreach, and serves as our region’s premiere venue for an array of special events and visiting artists and performers. For more than a quarter century, EAC has been pursuing its mission: to stimulate and nurture an appreciation of the visual and performing arts and the creative process, and to provide a home and an environment within the community where they can prosper.

For more than a thousand hours each year, the EAC hosts rehearsals, performances, workshops, dance and yoga classes, art exhibitions, film screenings, and open mics. Community-inspired events, social gatherings, and communal meals ensure that all members of our audience communities feel welcomed to experience enrichment, education, entertainment and opportunities for self-expression.

Life Drawing Workshop

The Eastport Arts Center will be resuming its Life Drawing Workshop after a long winter’s break, beginning June 6th.  It will meet each Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 on the first floor of the Arts Center.  Students and artists may sign up for four weeks at a time; however drop-ins are also welcome. Participants [ More… ]

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Open Dance Hour

A weekly dance group will continue to meet at Eastport Arts Center on Wednesdays from 5-6 pm. All are invited to come and dance to great rhythmic music and move however they wish (there will be no instruction); the group’s motto is: “dance to release stress, and not to impress.” Attendees should wear loose, comfortable [ More… ]

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The Concert Series

The Eastport Arts Center’s popular summer concert series will return this summer. The lineup is as follows: July 6, Gregory Biss, piano; July 13 Trond Saeverud and Gregory Biss, violin and piano; July 23, Da Ponte String Quartet; August 10, Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitar; August 17, TBA; August 24, Mira Gill, piano; August 31, Annual Young [ More… ]

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International Dance

All Eastern European countries have at least some tradition of music and dance, usually celebrated by a Sunday Afternoon “Hora” (or dance) in the town square. Come learn these dances to exciting Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian and Israeli music. Everyone, including beginners, is welcome to come and explore this great tradition. By donation. For more information, please email

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Children’s Theater Troupe Delights Audience

Several members of the Children’s Theater Workshop group gave a special performance and talk for the Sunday Afternoon series on April 8. Two of the groups’ favorite improv skits were shared, as well as some exciting behind-the-scenes info on the group’s upcoming production of Macbeth. One highlight of the hour was the theatrical debut of 5-year-old Gabe Hopkins, [ More… ]

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Roochies’ Rag-tacular Show Drew a Crowd

Despite their advent on a Tuesday evening, Roochie Toochie & the Ragtime Shepherd Kings were greeted by a large and warm audience of more than 60 attendees on September 19. The New Orleans, Tennessee and Detroit-based group was a delight, displaying dazzling musicality and a creative and energetic floorshow (including a showcase of esoteric dances from the past). [ More… ]

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EAC Boasted a Boisterous Group in Eastport’s Pirate Festival Parade

Following on the heels of fire-breathing performers, the EAC group, proudly displaying our new banner and carrying signs naming the 7 constituent groups as well as several annual events and recurring programs, marched the parade route, singing an extemporaneous rendition of the drunken sailor song featuring many EAC-themed verses. To the repeated cry of “What shall we do with a [ More… ]

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