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Children’s Theater Troupe Delights Audience

Several members of the Children’s Theater Workshop group gave a special performance and talk for the Sunday Afternoon series on April 8. Two of the groups’ favorite improv skits were shared, as well as some exciting behind-the-scenes info on the group’s upcoming production of Macbeth. One highlight of the hour was the theatrical debut of 5-year-old Gabe Hopkins, who was very engaging on stage.

The young performers also discussed their reasons for participating in theater and what they like about the form. Theater fans and families alike laughed often during the presentation, and we’re all looking forward to seeing the group’s take on Shakespeare this June.  

Photo by Robin Farrin of Coastal Maine Photography

Photo by Robin Farrin of Coastal Maine Photography

Photo by Robin Farrin of Coastal Maine Photography

Roochies’ Rag-tacular Show Drew a Crowd

Despite their advent on a Tuesday evening, Roochie Toochie & the Ragtime Shepherd Kings were greeted by a large and warm audience of more than 60 attendees on September 19. The New Orleans, Tennessee and Detroit-based group was a delight, displaying dazzling musicality and a creative and energetic floorshow (including a showcase of esoteric dances from the past). If you missed them, you can see videos at roochie.com.

Photo by Robin Farrin of Coastal Maine Photography

Photo by Robin Farrin of Coastal Maine Photography

EAC Boasted a Boisterous Group in Eastport’s Pirate Festival Parade

Representatives of each of the EAC constituent groups as well as several major programs and annual events are shown marching in the Eastport Pirate Festival parade. Photo by Robin Farrin of Coastal Maine Photography

Following on the heels of fire-breathing performers, the EAC group, proudly displaying our new banner and carrying signs naming the 7 constituent groups as well as several annual events and recurring programs, marched the parade route, singing an extemporaneous rendition of the drunken sailor song featuring many EAC-themed verses. To the repeated cry of “What shall we do with a drunken sailor?” were chorused replies such as, “Give him two tickets to the Concert Series,” Make him sing tenor in Quoddy Voices,” “Send him to the International Dinner!” and many more. The boisterous group included: John and Anne Franklin, Kieran Weston, Cadence and Zephyr Nickerson, Jenny Robish, Manuela Brice, Kathleen Dunbar, Lane and Jim Willey, Sally DeCicco, Jeanne Peacock, Steve Koenig, Christina and John Smith, and Lauren Koss.

Energetic International Dancers Get Calais Elementary Students Moving

On Thursday, September 21st, Eastport Arts Center’s International Dancers visited the third grade students of music teacher Miss Moody at Calais Elementary School.

Photo by Tarah Waters

This enthusiastic group of 30 children loved the music and learning folk dances from Israel, South Africa and Greece. The hour-long session began with the Israeli “Fox Dance.” This circle dance was great fun as the three foxes inside the circle chose other foxes to take their place. “This is like a game with music!” one child exclaimed.

Photo by Tarah Waters

“Pata Pata,” a party dance song from South Africa was followed with the exuberant “Tripotis” Greek dance as their final effort. The International Dancers were very impressed with the enthusiasm and skill of these young dancers. A great time was had by all.

Next on the International Dancers tour schedule are visits to Perry Elementary School on November 3 and Pembroke Elementary School on November 8.
For more information about the EAC’s education and outreach efforts, please contact Alison Brennan at alison@eastportartscenter.org.

Kimchi Workshop Christens EAC’s Newly Remodeled Kitchen

On September 19 and 20, Anne Shields Hopkins led a dedicated group of kimchi lovers in an exploration of creating customized kimchi. The workshop was the first to use EAC’s newly remodeled kitchen. Using all organic vegetables, including leafy delicate Napa cabbages grown especially for the workshop by Jim Kovaleski, salad turnips, carrots, ginger, garlic, onion and more, they chopped their way to the first step in their process at the workshop’s first meeting. Looking at the bowl of veggies one participant stated “I love the texture and soft chunks of cabbage. It really looks so pretty.” 

Liz Weaver and Becky McCall pack their kimchi mixtures into glass jars to finish fermenting. [Robin]

After the overnight brining, the mixture was combined with a special pureed sauce and rice congee. The final task was the packing of the veggies and spices tightly in glass jars to take home and enjoy after the fermentation was completed. Hopkins, a mother of three and General Manager of Eat Local Eastport Co-op, gave expert advice and her infectious love of all food fermented was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Anne Shields Hopkins (left), instructor, and Sam Cottone work on their customized kimchi blends. [Robin]

Others interested in fermented foods may want to mark November 19th on your calendar, when Hopkins will lead a reprise of her very popular sauerkraut workshop.

For more information or to sign up, please email Alison Brennan at alison@eastportartscenter.org or call her at 454-8822.

Anne Shields Hopkins and Tarah Waters, EAC’s Island Institute Fellow, are very excited about their kimchi-to-be. [Robin]

Request for Bids

The Eastport Arts Center is requesting bids for the renovation of our kitchen. Project entails demolition, removal of existing kitchen cabinets, finishes, and appliances. New work is replacement of flooring, partial ceiling, wall covering, cabinets and utilities including painting and appliances for complete operable ADA compliant kitchen.

This project is in part funded by USDA and needs to be completed ASAP.

Bids accepted until Friday April 21 at 5:00.

For more information and bid packet, please contact:

Chris Grannis
36 Washington Street
Eastport 04631

High School Jazz Night a Great Success!

Attracting more than 100 attendees (a quarter of these students), the concert featuring young stars of the Calais, Washington Academy and Shead jazz groups was received with delight. The student musicians were soulful, professional and truly honored the great jazz tradition—quite a treat for the enthused audience! Plus, more than $400 was raised for EAC educational programming!

Photo by Robin Farrin of Coastal Maine Photography

Photo by Robin Farrin of Coastal Maine Photography

Tagline Contest

Thank you all for your fantastic entries to the Tagline contest! We’re still deliberating, and EAC board looks forward to announcing the winner when it’s made a final decision.


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