EAC is grateful for the invaluable support of these individuals and businesses, who’ve either pledged recurring monetary support, or made a one-time donation.

Recurring monthly donors

Roberta Rubly-Burggraff
Catherine Adelman
Ian Adelman
Kenneth Bahm David Brass
Carolee Bier John Venskus
Greg Biss
Bill and Lenore Buehner
Brian and Sue Duffy
Ralph Farris
Doug and Dovie Gaither
Jen Geither
Gretchen Gordon
Allan Gore
June Gregory
Marged Higginson
Marie Holmes
Mary Cheryl Krakow
Joan Lowden
Charles and Anne McHugh
Ronald and Edith McPherson
John Newell Linda Courtney
Bob and Jeanne O’Hayer
Jeanne Peacock
Sarah Dalton Phillips
David Scher Sylvia Kaufman
Brian Schuth Alice St. Clair
Anita and Jack Sivertson
Anne Stanley
Sarah Strickland
Helen Swallow
Alison Swanson
Joanne Whalen
Jean Wilhelm
Sussan Coley
Jane and Tore Lanctot
Lisa Jackson
April and Bill Mullins

Recurring monthly business donors

Bonjour French Translation, Inc. Paula DeFilippo
Eastport Breakwater Gallery Cynthia and Michael Morse
Dog Island Designs Barb Smith
Free Range Fiber Studio Gail McGlamery

Individual donors: 2019 and 2020

David Addison Brenda French
Dan Allcott      Susan Capron
William Altvater
Linda and Ted Andrei
Chuck Anthony Pat Riley
Laura and Mark  Argir
Ross and Brandy Argir
Anna Baeza    Joachim Woitun
Ann Beckham
Paul Biss
Beverly Bley
Evelyn Bowden
Lawrence Boyle
David Brass
Colie and Manuela Brice
Raine Brundige Miller
Florence Brunner    Harold Goodman
Daniel Bertolino
Barbara and James Camick
Alden Chandler
Pat Christopher
Suzanne and Paul Crawford
Bonnie and Frank Crohn
Sarah and David Darulis 
Sally DeCicco
Rob and Patricia Derry
Mark DeVoto
Bob DeWitt
Richard Diefenbeck
Barton and Carole Emanuel in memory of Hugh Stubbs
Lou Esposito Lauren Simpson
Valerie Feehan
Judith and Henry Feldman
Jean Flahive
Jim and Muffy Floyd
Naphtali Fields-Forbes
John Foster
Peter Furtado
Holly Gartmeyer-DeYoung
David Gholson Ann Cornelison
Rebecca Greenberg
Lois Grossman Mark DeVoto
Jeanne and Gary Guisinger
Douglas and Christine Guy
Pam Hanes
Frank Harding 
Rebecca Harntett
Estate of Alan Harris
Lee and Gloria Harris
Wes and Joyce Hedlund
Charles and Rita Herpich
Patricia Hicks
Jane Hinson 
Catherine Hogan
Brian Hoops DDS.    Julie Jordan
Robert Iversen
Kris Johnson
Gwen Jones
Jeanne Katkavich
Thom Kimes
Sarah and George Kurzon
Samra Kuseybi Billy Altvater
H Lawrence Lack    Lee Ann Ward
George and Barbara LeHigh 
Renee Lewis
David Loiterstein       Polly Kipp
Bill and Mona Love
Ann Luginbuhl 
Katie MacGregor        Alan Furth
Peesh and Paul McClanahan
Greg McDonald 
Carol McElarney       Rick Metell
Louise Merriam      James Oberly
Patrick Orrell
Kristen Phillips
Mary Menzel
Brian and Patricia Milliken
Charles and Keithe Moore
Judy Mueller
Melissa Newcomb       Anthony Newcomb
Robert and Gloria Nicholson
Joanne O’Grady
John O’Grady
Judy and Bob Pruit
Abbie and Russell Read
Zelia Rosenfeld
Marlene and Jon Russ
Lynn Rutledge
John Salko
Robert Scheier Mary-Lou Breitborde
Jean Schild
Joe Schofield
Alan Schroepfer
Alice Seeley
Robin Hadlock Seeley Family -in memory of Laurie Parlee Hadlock
Tina Shannon
Stuart Shotwell Mary Dunn
Phyllis Siebert
Dagny Silins
David and Ann Simmons
Geraldine Simpson
Lois and Less Smith
Ruth Cash-Smith
James & Ruby Sosa
Ruth Sousa
Natasha Speer Frank Dudish
Maija and Michael Speer
Chapin Spencer
Lisa Stephen
Ginnie Stevens John Tapia 
Reyndell Stockman      Ruth Wiens
Jaime Sucher    Deb Pigeon
Lee  Suta
Mark Tappan
Vivian Taylor
Brian Theriault Rhoda Dougherty
Robert Tuckett
Michael and Janet Tuckett
Richard Vanburen
Jill Venskus 
Chris Vizcarrando
Gretta Wark
Sharon Weir
Paul and Janet Weston
Lora Whelan Edward French
Lane Willey
Barbara Wilson
Jennifer Windsor
Rosalie Woodward
Asher Woodworth
Sharon Yates
Judith and Louis Zawislak